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why nominate?


A strategic opportunity to show the business world that you are blazing the trail with effective and innovative customer experience initiatives. An acknowledgment of your efforts and ideas from the leading CX consultants in the world is the ultimate recognition for your organization!


A watertight marketing campaign will give incredible marketing mileage to all the finalists of CHSA 2018. They will be featured across media platforms from press releases to social media handles to radio spots. Imagine the impact of this marketing agenda on the popularity of your organization!


Research states that an 'award-winning' organization creates more favorability with potential customers, vendors and investors. When the award is assessed by leading CX experts in Dubai. The authenticity of the judgment shoots through the roof giving you unquestionable credibility in your industry.


An organization can change its fortunes through right association. Participation in CHSA will put your organization face to face with experts in customer experience. Meet them, greet them and learn from them valuable lessons that could create all the strategic advantage for your organization.


Learn the best practices, strategies and processes that competing organizations are deploying to deliver great value. You may just go back to the office with amazing insights that could propel your organization into the next orbit of operations.


Any great strategy has a winning team at its center. Get your employees pumped up with the opportunity of going on stage amidst industry peers and global CX experts to collect a beautiful award for all their hard work, passion, focus, courage and sacrifice.